• Deployment cost - used to deploy operators. May vary between class, specialty, and rarity.
  • Block count - amount of enemies an operator can block or stop at once. Enemies will pass over operator when this number is over.

Class OverviewEdit

Class Description Class Description
Vanguard Vanguard
  • Low cost
  • Offense
  • Deployed early
Medic Medic
  • Healing
Guard Guard
  • Melee
  • Offense
Supporter Supporter
  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Summon
Defender Defender
  • Tank
  • High defense
  • High health
  • High resistance
  • High block
Sniper Sniper
  • Relatively low cost
  • Long range
  • Airborne enemies
Specialist Specialist
  • Special skills
  • Mobility
Caster Caster
  • Long range magic
  • Ignores enemy's defense
  • Airborne enemies

Basic TipsEdit

  • Use vanguards early as they happen to have low costs.
    • Can help gain more deployment costs through using skills and killing enemies.
    • They can aid in defense before mid-stage where high cost operators will be deployed.
  • Take into account the enemy types by having guards and casters deal with physical and magical types respectively.
  • Use snipers to deal with airborne enemies and a larger area.
    • 2 sniper setup: anti-air sniper, AoE sniper
  • Use casters to deal with airborne enemies and enemies with high defense stats.
    • 2 caster setup: single-target caster, AoE caster
  • Use guards to control ground better and pick up offense.
    • 2 guard setup: single-block guard, any choice
  • Use defenders based on the number of enemies that perform high damage.
  • Use more than 2 medics in more larger and wider areas.
    • 2 medic setup: single-target medic, AoE medic
  • Basic team setup: 2 vanguards, 2 snipers, 2 casters, 2 guards, 2 medics, 1 defender, and 1 extra operator of choice (ie. specialist).
  • Swarm team setup: 1 vanguard, 1 anti-air sniper, 1 single-block guard, 2 defenders, 3 AoE operators.
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