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The Reunion Movement, often simply known as Reunion, is the antagonistic faction of Arknights. It is a violent non-state actor consisting of the Infected – those infected by Oripathy – who seeks to end all forms of discrimination and oppression by the Terran society towards them.


The advent of the Catastrophes in Terra had led to the proliferation of Originium, but at the same time, the Infected had become marginalized thanks to exaggerated informations about Oripathy, driving many non-Infected people to view them with fear and disgust.

While many Infected tried to find a solution for their oripathy, leading to some of them establishing Rhodes Island, those who were exiled from their homes, united by their hatred towards the society, banded together to form Reunion Movement to liberate the Infected from the systematic oppression they faced. The Reunion started out as a decentralized social movement organizing protests around Terra, but they later went into a period of unexplained inactivity.

At some point Talulah become Reunion's leader and spokesperson. Under her leadership, the Reunion transformed into a militant organization advocating more radical methods such as riots, sabotage, and even acts of terror.

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  • According to Skullshatterer, two of Reunion's leaders were former Ursus soldiers; one of them is confirmed to be Patriot while the other remains unknown.
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