Originium is a black, semi-transparent crystalline mineral found in the world of Terra. It is one of the main subjects of Arknights.


A common mineral in Terra, this semi-transparent black crystal contains enormous energy, and is the primary factor of causing Catastrophes. Widely used in the field of Arts, it works as the basic material and catalyst of all kinds of Arts and Arts items. Without Originium, the efficiency of Arts would, without a doubt, drop dramatically. As technologies develop, more and more countries start to use it as an energy source.[1]


Originium can be found at the site of Catastrophes in large quantities. Studies especially those done by Rhine Lab discovers that Originium possesses a high energy yield, and as such, became a valuable resource for manufacturing various devices and allowing the use of magic-like Arts. By the time Arknights story takes place, the proliferation of Originium had brought a technological revolution to Terra.

However, Originium is not without its dangers, as prolonged exposure might cause a progressive, terminal disease known as Oripathy. Many unfortunate people, especially the Ancients, have fallen into oripathy since the advent of Originium, and these people, often called Infected, were discriminated and marginalized by the rest of Terra. This has led to the conflict between Rhodes Island and Reunion, which both were ironically organizations established by the Infected.

Although it has a high potency after exposure, it allows the host to yield powerful skills and power for combat against formidable foes, one of which is known as Originum Arts. Many Casters are able to utilize this skill through a catalyst such as a weapon, wand, or tool to create spells to chip away at enemies.

However, many Infected have records of originum shards crystallizing in their circulation systems, sometimes depicted as black crystals forming on their skin as seen in their artworks. In the earlier episodes, Amiya shows her hand to a rescued civilian before getting the confirmation that she was also an Infected.


  • Originium is surprisingly similar in many ways to Tiberium in Command & Conquer series:
    • Both were crystalline minerals arriving from outside the world.
    • Both are used as valuable resources.
    • Exposure to both are dangerous to organic matter.


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