This is a list of operators (characters).




List of operators

Operator Name Class Faction Rarity
12F icon
12F Caster Rhodes Island 2★
Aak icon
Aak Specialist Lungmen 6★
Absinthe icon
Absinthe Caster Ursus 5★
Aciddrop icon
Aciddrop Sniper Rhodes Island 4★
Adnachiel icon
Adnachiel Sniper Rhodes Island 3★
Ambriel icon
Ambriel Sniper Laterano 4★
Amiya icon
Amiya Caster Rhodes Island 5★
Andreana icon
Andreana Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Angelina icon
Angelina Supporter Rhodes Island 6★
Ansel icon
Ansel Medic Rhodes Island 3★
Asbestos icon
Asbestos Defender Rim Billiton 5★
Astesia icon
Astesia Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Ayerscarpe icon
Ayerscarpe Guard Rim Billiton 5★
Bagpipe icon
Bagpipe Vanguard Victoria 6★
Beagle icon
Beagle Defender Rhodes Island 3★
Beehunter icon
Beehunter Guard Ursus 4★
Beeswax icon
Beeswax Caster Rhodes Island 5★
Bibeak icon
Bibeak Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Bison icon
Bison Defender Lungmen 5★
Blaze icon
Blaze Guard Rhodes Island 6★
Blue Poison icon
Blue Poison Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Breeze icon
Breeze Medic Rhodes Island 5★
Broca icon
Broca Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Cardigan icon
Cardigan Defender Rhodes Island 3★
Castle-3 icon
Castle-3 Guard Rhodes Island 1★
Catapult icon
Catapult Sniper Rhodes Island 3★
Ceobe icon
Ceobe Caster Rhodes Island 6★
Ceylon icon
Ceylon Medic Siesta 5★
Ch'en icon
Ch'en Guard Lungmen 6★
Chiave icon
Chiave Vanguard Rhodes Island 5★
Click icon
Click Caster Rhodes Island 4★
Cliffheart icon
Cliffheart Specialist Kjerag 5★
Conviction icon
Conviction Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Courier icon
Courier Vanguard Kjerag 4★
Croissant icon
Croissant Defender Penguin Logistics 5★
Cuora icon
Cuora Defender Rhodes Island 4★
Cutter icon
Cutter Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Deepcolor icon
Deepcolor Supporter Rhodes Island 4★
Dobermann icon
Dobermann Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Dur-nar icon
Dur-nar Defender Rhodes Island 4★
Durin icon
Durin Caster Rhodes Island 2★
Earthspirit icon
Earthspirit Supporter Leithanien 4★
Elysium icon
Elysium Vanguard Rhodes Island 5★
Estelle icon
Estelle Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Ethan icon
Ethan Specialist Rhodes Island 4★
Eunectes icon
Eunectes Defender Sargon 6★
Executor icon
Executor Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Exusiai icon
Exusiai Sniper Penguin Logistics 6★
Eyjafjalla icon
Eyjafjalla Caster Leithanien 6★
FEater icon
FEater Specialist Rhodes Island 5★
Fang icon
Fang Vanguard Rhodes Island 3★
Firewatch icon
Firewatch Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Flamebringer icon
Flamebringer Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Flint icon
Flint Guard Sargon 5★
Folinic icon
Folinic Medic Rhodes Island 5★
Franka icon
Franka Guard BlackSteel 5★
Frostleaf icon
Frostleaf Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Gavial icon
Gavial Medic Rhodes Island 4★
Gitano icon
Gitano Caster Rhodes Island 4★
Glaucus icon
Glaucus Supporter Rhodes Island 5★
Grani icon
Grani Vanguard Victoria 5★
Gravel icon
Gravel Specialist Kazimierz 4★
GreyThroat icon
GreyThroat Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Greyy icon
Greyy Caster Rhodes Island 4★
Gummy icon
Gummy Defender Ursus 4★
Haze icon
Haze Caster Victoria 4★
Hellagur icon
Hellagur Guard Rhodes Island 6★
Hibiscus icon
Hibiscus Medic Rhodes Island 3★
Hoshiguma icon
Hoshiguma Defender Lungmen 6★
Hung icon
Hung Defender Lungmen 5★
Ifrit icon
Ifrit Caster Rhine Lab 6★
Indra icon
Indra Guard Victoria 5★
Istina icon
Istina Supporter Ursus 5★
Jaye icon
Jaye Specialist Lungmen 4★
Jessica icon
Jessica Sniper BlackSteel 4★
Kroos icon
Kroos Sniper Rhodes Island 3★
Lancet-2 icon
Lancet-2 Medic Rhodes Island 1★
Lappland icon
Lappland Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Lava icon
Lava Caster Rhodes Island 3★
Leizi icon
Leizi Caster Yan 5★
Leonhardt icon
Leonhardt Caster Rim Billiton 5★
Liskarm icon
Liskarm Defender BlackSteel 5★
Magallan icon
Magallan Supporter Rhine Lab 6★
Manticore icon
Manticore Specialist Rhodes Island 5★
Matoimaru icon
Matoimaru Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Matterhorn icon
Matterhorn Defender Kjerag 4★
May icon
May Sniper Victoria 4★
Mayer icon
Mayer Supporter Rhine Lab 5★
Melantha icon
Melantha Guard Rhodes Island 3★
Meteor icon
Meteor Sniper Rhodes Island 4★
Meteorite icon
Meteorite Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Midnight icon
Midnight Guard Rhodes Island 3★
Mostima icon
Mostima Caster Laterano 6★
Mousse icon
Mousse Guard Victoria 4★
Myrrh icon
Myrrh Medic Rhodes Island 4★
Myrtle icon
Myrtle Vanguard Rhodes Island 4★
Nearl icon
Nearl Defender Rhodes Island 5★
Nian icon
Nian Defender Lungmen 6★
Nightingale icon
Nightingale Medic Rhodes Island 6★
Nightmare icon
Nightmare Caster Victoria 5★
Noir Corne icon
Noir Corne Defender Rhodes Island 2★
Orchid icon
Orchid Supporter Rhodes Island 3★
Perfumer icon
Perfumer Medic Rhodes Island 4★
Phantom icon
Phantom Specialist Rhodes Island 6★
Platinum icon
Platinum Sniper Kazimierz 5★
Plume icon
Plume Vanguard Laterano 3★
Podenco icon
Podenco Supporter Rhodes Island 4★
Popukar icon
Popukar Guard Rhodes Island 3★
Pramanix icon
Pramanix Supporter Kjerag 5★
Projekt Red icon
Projekt Red Specialist Rhodes Island 5★
Provence icon
Provence Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Ptilopsis icon
Ptilopsis Medic Rhine Lab 5★
Purestream icon
Purestream Medic Rhodes Island 4★
Rangers icon
Rangers Sniper Rhodes Island 2★
Reed icon
Reed Vanguard Victoria 5★
Rope icon
Rope Specialist Rim Billiton 4★
Rosa icon
Rosa Sniper Ursus 6★
Saria icon
Saria Defender Rhine Lab 6★
Savage icon
Savage Guard Rim Billiton 5★
Scavenger icon
Scavenger Vanguard Rhodes Island 4★
Scene icon
Scene Supporter Rhodes Island 5★
Schwarz icon
Schwarz Sniper Siesta 6★
Sesa icon
Sesa Sniper Rhodes Island 5★
Shamare icon
Shamare Supporter Rhodes Island 5★
Shaw icon
Shaw Specialist Lungmen 4★
Shining icon
Shining Medic Rhodes Island 6★
ShiraYuki icon
ShiraYuki Sniper Lungmen 4★
Sideroca icon
Sideroca Guard Rhodes Island 5★
Siege icon
Siege Vanguard Victoria 6★
Silence icon
Silence Medic Rhine Lab 5★
SilverAsh icon
SilverAsh Guard Kjerag 6★
Skadi icon
Skadi Guard Abyssal 6★
Skyfire icon
Skyfire Caster Rhodes Island 5★
Snowsant icon
Snowsant Specialist Lungmen 5★
Sora icon
Sora Supporter Penguin Logistics 5★
Specter icon
Specter Guard Abyssal 5★
Spot icon
Spot Defender Rhodes Island 3★
Steward icon
Steward Caster Rhodes Island 3★
Sussurro icon
Sussurro Medic Rhodes Island 4★
Suzuran icon
Suzuran Supporter Rhodes Island 6★
Swire icon
Swire Guard Lungmen 5★
Texas icon
Texas Vanguard Penguin Logistics 5★
Thermal-EX icon
Thermal-EX Specialist Rhodes Island 1★
Thorns icon
Thorns Guard Rhodes Island 6★
Tomimi icon
Tomimi Caster Sargon 5★
Touch icon
Touch Medic Rhodes Island 5★
Tsukinogi icon
Tsukinogi Supporter Rhodes Island 5★
Utage icon
Utage Guard Rhodes Island 4★
Vanilla icon
Vanilla Vanguard Rhodes Island 3★
Vermeil icon
Vermeil Sniper Rhodes Island 4★
Vigna icon
Vigna Vanguard Rhodes Island 4★
Vulcan icon
Vulcan Defender Rhodes Island 5★
W icon
W Sniper Babel 6★
Waai Fu icon
Waai Fu Specialist Lungmen 5★
Warfarin icon
Warfarin Medic Rhodes Island 5★
Weedy icon
Weedy Specialist Rhodes Island 6★
Yato icon
Yato Vanguard Rhodes Island 2★
Zima icon
Zima Vanguard Ursus 5★
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