A list of items (somewhat inaccurately referred to as materials in-game) in Arknights.

Items are divided into five tiers denoted by the color of their borders, with higher tier ones being more difficult to obtain than lower tier ones:

  • Gray: T1
  • Yellow: T2
  • Blue: T3
  • Pink: T4
  • Gold: T5

Battle RecordsEdit

Battle Records give EXP to Operators at the cost of
that scales on the Operator's level.

LS (Tactical Drill) daily operations are the best place to farm Battle Records.

Drill Battle Record
Frontline Battle Record
Tactical Battle Record
Strategic Battle Record


Upgrade materials, also known as elite materials or enhancement materials, are used in skill upgrades and promotions.

T1 and T2 upgrade materials can be purchased with
Credit Credit
in the Credit Store, available at random in each day. T3 upgrade materials can be purchased with
Qualification Certificate Qualification Certificate
at the second phase of the Commendations Store. Certain T4 upgrade materials can be purchased with
Advanced Certificate Advanced Certificate
at the Distinctions Store. The Workshop can produce T2 or higher upgrade materials, costing lower-tier upgrade materials (e.g. T2 materials cost T1 materials, etc.), and is the only way to obtain T5 upgrade materials.

Many main operations are the best place to farm T1 to T3 upgrade materials; T4 upgrade materials are the most difficult since they are rarely, if ever dropped from operations.

Oriron Shard
Sugar Substitute
Damaged Device
Orirock Cube
Orirock Cluster
Oriron Cluster
Sugar Pack
Polyester Pack
Integrated Device
Loxic Kohl
Manganese Ore
Coagulating Gel
Incandescent Alloy
Orirock Concentration
Oriron Block
Keton Colloid
Sugar Lump
Polyester Lump
Optimized Device
White Horse Kohl
Manganese Trihydrate
Grindstone Pentahydrate
Polymerized Gel
Incandescent Alloy Block
Polymerization Preparation
Bipolar Nanoflake
D32 Steel


Building materials are used to build and upgrade RIIC facilities.

SK (Resource Search) daily operations are the best place to farm Carbons. Building Materials must be produced in the Workshop.

Building Materials
Light Building Material
Concrete Building Material
Reinforced Building Material
Carbon Stick
Carbon Brick
Carbon Brick Pack

Skill SummariesEdit

Skill Summaries are used to upgrade the Operator's skills, including Mastery training.

CA (Aerial Threat) daily operations are the best place to farm Skill Summaries.

Skill Summary Volume 1
Skill Summary Volume 2
Skill Summary Volume 3


Chips are used to promote Operators. Each class have their own distinct Chips which are divided into three types:

  • Standard Chips, used to promote all Operators (except 3★ ones) to Elite 1. They are awarded for completing the first of the Chip operations.
  • Chip Packs, used to promote 4★ Operators to Elite 2 and produce Dualchips (see below). They are awarded for completing the second of the Chip operations.
  • Dualchips, used to promote 5★ and 6★ Operators to Elite 2. They can only be produced at Factories, requiring two of the respective class' Chip Pack and one Chip Catalyst.

Chip Catalysts can be purchased in the Shop Vouchers Store.

Caster Chip
Defender Chip
Guard Chip
Medic Chip
Sniper Chip
Specialist Chip
Supporter Chip
Vanguard Chip
Chip Packs
Caster Chip Pack
Defender Chip Pack
Guard Chip Pack
Medic Chip Pack
Sniper Chip Pack
Specialist Chip Pack
Supporter Chip Pack
Vanguard Chip Pack
Caster Dualchip
Defender Dualchip
Guard Dualchip
Medic Dualchip
Sniper Dualchip
Specialist Dualchip
Supporter Dualchip
Vanguard Dualchip
Chip Catalyst


Tokens are used to improve the potential of Operators (with the exception of Savage).


Class Tokens can be used to improve the potential of Operators of the respective class, but each level requires four of the corresponding Class Tokens.

Class Tokens can be purchased in both Distinctions Certificate and Shop Vouchers Store, and are awarded in certain events.

Replicated Caster Token
Replicated Defender Token
Replicated Guard Token
Replicated Medic Token
Replicated Sniper Token
Replicated Specialist Token
Replicated Supporter Token
Replicated Vanguard Token
Original Caster Token
Original Defender Token
Original Guard Token
Original Medic Token
Original Sniper Token
Original Specialist Token
Original Supporter Token
Original Vanguard Token
Antique Caster Token
Antique Defender Token
Antique Guard Token
Antique Medic Token
Antique Sniper Token
Antique Specialist Token
Antique Supporter Token
Antique Vanguard Token
Rare Caster Token
Rare Defender Token
Rare Guard Token
Rare Medic Token
Rare Sniper Token
Rare Specialist Token
Rare Supporter Token
Rare Vanguard Token
Epic Caster Token
Epic Defender Token
Epic Guard Token
Epic Medic Token
Epic Sniper Token
Epic Specialist Token
Epic Supporter Token
Epic Vanguard Token
Royal Caster Token
Royal Defender Token
Royal Guard Token
Royal Medic Token
Royal Sniper Token
Royal Specialist Token
Royal Supporter Token
Royal Vanguard Token


Operator Tokens can be used to improve the potential of the respective Operator, only requiring one for each level. When an Operator's potential is maxed out, the corresponding Operator's Tokens can be traded for
Qualification Certificate Qualification Certificate
Advanced Certificate Advanced Certificate
at the Certificates Store.

Operator Tokens are given when obtaining duplicates of the corresponding Operator, whether from Headhunting or Recruitment, with event-exclusive characters (e.g. Grani and Flamebringer) have their Operator Tokens awarded as part of the event they are featured in.

Note: Amiya, Castle-3, and Lancet-2 can only use their respective Operator Tokens to improve the potential.
Click for a list of Operator Tokens
12F's Token
Aak's Token
Absinthe's Token
Aciddrop's Token
Adnachiel's Token
Ambriel's Token
Amiya's Token
Andreana's Token
Angelina's Token
Ansel's Token
Asbestos's Token
Astesia's Token
Ayerscarpe's Token
Bagpipe's Token
Beagle's Token
Beehunter's Token
Beeswax's Token
Bibeak's Token
Bison's Token
Blaze's Token
Blue Poison's Token
Breeze's Token
Broca's Token
Cardigan's Token
Castle-3's Token
Catapult's Token
Ceobe's Token
Ceylon's Token
Ch'en's Token
Chiave's Token
Click's Token
Cliffheart's Token
Courier's Token
Croissant's Token
Cuora's Token
Cutter's Token
Deepcolor's Token
Dobermann's Token
Dur-nar's Token
Durin's Token
Earthspirit's Token
Elysium's Token
Estelle's Token
Ethan's Token
Eunectes's Token
Executor's Token
Exusiai's Token
Eyjafjalla's Token
FEater's Token
Fang's Token
Firewatch's Token
Flamebringer's Token
Flint's Token
Folinic's Token
Franka's Token
Frostleaf's Token
Gavial's Token
Gitano's Token
Glaucus's Token
Grani's Token
Gravel's Token
GreyThroat's Token
Greyy's Token
Gummy's Token
Haze's Token
Hellagur's Token
Hibiscus's Token
Hoshiguma's Token
Hung's Token
Ifrit's Token
Indra's Token
Istina's Token
Jaye's Token
Jessica's Token
Kroos's Token
Lancet-2's Token
Lappland's Token
Lava's Token
Leizi's Token
Leonhardt's Token
Liskarm's Token
Magallan's Token
Manticore's Token
Matoimaru's Token
Matterhorn's Token
May's Token
Mayer's Token
Melantha's Token
Meteor's Token
Meteorite's Token
Midnight's Token
Mostima's Token
Mousse's Token
Myrrh's Token
Myrtle's Token
Nearl's Token
Nian's Token
Nightingale's Token
Nightmare's Token
Noir Corne's Token
Orchid's Token
Perfumer's Token
Phantom's Token
Platinum's Token
Plume's Token
Podenco's Token
Popukar's Token
Pramanix's Token
Projekt Red's Token
Provence's Token
Ptilopsis's Token
Purestream's Token
Rangers's Token
Reed's Token
Rope's Token
Rosa's Token
Saria's Token
Scavenger's Token
Scene's Token
Schwarz's Token
Sesa's Token
Shamare's Token
Shaw's Token
Shining's Token
ShiraYuki's Token
Sideroca's Token
Siege's Token
Silence's Token
SilverAsh's Token
Skadi's Token
Skyfire's Token
Snowsant's Token
Sora's Token
Specter's Token
Spot's Token
Steward's Token
Sussurro's Token
Suzuran's Token
Swire's Token
Texas's Token
Thermal-EX's Token
Thorns's Token
Tomimi's Token
Tsukinogi's Token
Utage's Token
Vanilla's Token
Vermeil's Token
Vigna's Token
Vulcan's Token
W's Token
Waai Fu's Token
Warfarin's Token
Weedy's Token
Yato's Token
Zima's Token


Furniture Part
Qualification Certificate
Purchase Certificate
Advanced Certificate
Originite Prime

Sanity restorationEdit

Emergency Sanity Potion
Top Emergency Sanity Potion


These items are exclusive to events.

Grani and the Knights' Treasure
Bounty Coin
Operational Intelligence
Valid Intelligence Unit
Heart of Surging Flame
Obsidian Festival Bracelet
Obsidian Festival Ticket
Obsidian Festival Token
Siesta Obsidian
Code of Brawl
Top Tier Penguin Medal
Contingency Contract
Operation Agreement
Contract Bounty 1
Contract Bounty
Ancient Forge
Quantum Firecracker
Stories of Afternoon
Canteen Soup Ticket


These items are used to add new Operators into the player's roster.

Recruitment Permit
Expedited Plan
Headhunting Permit
Ten-roll Headhunting Permit


Pure Gold
Originium Shard


Drill Plan
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