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Integrated Strategies (IS) is a roguelike game mode in Arknights. It was first introduced in Gavial the Great Chief Returns with its #1 iteration, Ceobe's Fungimist.

Note that while Fungimist promotional material announced it as "Integrated Strategies #1" suggesting that it was the first of a would-be seasonal or iterative type of event similar to Contingency Contract, Integrated Strategies' second event, Crimson Solitaire, has only been announced, and little is yet known about it. As of the announcement of Crimson Solitaire, it is however confirmed that Integrated Strategies will become a permanent game mode available in the Terminal in the same fashion as the training daily of C.C., with seasons acting as content additions for the mode. In that regard, Fungimist is akin to what Beta was to Contingency Contract, a tentative first iteration of the event to try out mechanics and the formula, to be later superseded by a more standardized version of the mode.

Nevertheless, Integrated Strategies and Ceobe's Fungimist will be treated as the event type and the first season of the event respectively for the sake of clarity, however most of this article is based on Fungimist. Although one may safely make assumption about core mechanics, it is yet unknown which traits are unique to Ceobe's Fungimist, and which will be recurring to all Integrated Strategies seasons. It has been confirmed that the developers will change the event and add new mechanics after its first iteration. There is also such precedent in the gap between Contingency Contract Beta and Operation Barrenland. As such, consider that most of this article as it is may be specific to Ceobe's Fungimist.


The player must complete one IS "run" by clearing various operations and events divided through branching paths with different possibilities, hence the player must be ready for literally any situations.

Other than that, IS features the following unique mechanics that separates it from regular game modes:

  • Various items, referred to as "Collections", can be obtained to help the player and their team.
  • The player cannot use Operators in their own roster; rather, the player must build their own Operator roster for the run, which will be further explained below.
  • The player's level is independent from their original level in each run.
  • The player have limited amount of lives, known as Objective HP, in each run; if the player's Objective HP reaches 0, the run ends in a failure.
    • The run will also fail either in the event the player quits an IS operation.

The player can leave the IS menu, which will pause the current run and resumed upon re-entering it. The player can also prematurely end the current run from the main IS menu after pausing it, but doing this will not hand out any rewards.

Unlike most other events, IS events last for three weeks with the third week being the "Unrestricted Mode" part where all Collections and Squads as well as the Hard difficulty will be made available for all players regardless of their progression.


Starting up

Before starting a run, the player must choose one of three difficulty levels listed below. Note that Treacherous Road (Hard) is only available after completing a run in Outfitted Attendance (Normal) for the first time.

Difficulty Effects
Joyous Wandering (Easy)
Operators are stronger, but cannot unlock units and collectibles, and rewards are reduced by 50%.
"Bad Guy" is on standby.
  • Starts with The Bad Guy Is Here!.png The "Bad Guy" Is Here! (friendly HP +45% and ATK/DEF +35%).
  • Halved rewards.
  • Progressions in this mode do not contribute for unlocking new Collections and Squads.
Outfitted Attendance (Normal)
Normal mode, recommended for all players.
Just an ordinary day for Rhodes Island's operators.
Treacherous Road (Hard)
Play through a more difficult adventure for 20% increased rewards.
Suffer a random curse, and get a minor collectible.
  • 20% more rewards.
  • Starts with a Common Collection and one of the four Collections listed below, both of which are selected at random:
    • Demonblood.png Demonblood (enemy HP/ATK/DEF +20%)
    • Frozen Claw.png Frozen Claw (enemy HP/ATK/DEF +12%; boss HP +36% and ATK/DEF +16%)
    • Witch King's Twishorn.png Witch King's Twishorn (enemy HP/ATK/DEF +12%; lose 1 Objective HP when entering a new node, but will never go below 1)
    • Whispers of the Shallows.png Whispers of the Shallows (enemy HP/ATK/DEF +8%; Operators cost +1 Hope.png to recruit)

After choosing a difficulty, the player should choose one of the following "Squads" to help them throughout the run.

Squad Effects Unlock condition
Leader Squad.png Leader Squad Starts with 4 bonus Life Points in every IS operation, which won't deduct Objective HP if they are lost (stacks with Fragmentation Mine.png Fragmentation Mine and/or Self-Defense Handbook.png "Self-Defense Handbook").
Gathering Squad.png Gathering Squad Increases the squad size and Unit Limit in IS operations by 2. Clear Chapter III.
Support Squad.png Support Squad Starts with +20 Originium Ingot icon.png and +2 Hope.png. Collect 150 Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot across all runs.
Spearhead Squad.png Spearhead Squad Increases the HP and ATK of friendly units by 15%, but reduces the starting Objective HP to 1. Complete a run with at least 10 Objective HP remaining.
Tactical Assault Operative.png Tactical Assault Operative All 4★ or higher Guards and Vanguards are automatically promoted when recruited. Complete a run with at least 5 Guards or Vanguards recruited.
Tactical Fortification Operative.png Tactical Fortification Operative All 4★ or higher Defenders and Supporters are automatically promoted when recruited. Complete a run with at least 5 Defenders or Supporters recruited.
Tactical Ranged Operative.png Tactical Ranged Operative All 4★ or higher Medics and Snipers are automatically promoted when recruited. Complete a run with at least 5 Medics or Snipers recruited.
Tactical Destruction Operative.png Tactical Destruction Operative All 4★ or higher Casters and Specialists are automatically promoted when recruited. Complete a run with at least 5 Casters or Specialists recruited.

If the player manages to clear Chapter II on the previous run (regardless of whether it is completed, failed, or abandoned), one of the following six bonuses can be chosen at the player's discretion upon starting the next run, but only three of them are available at a time, selected at random:

  • Gives 3 Objective HP.
  • Gives Hope.png.
  • Gives Originium Ingot icon.png.
  • Exchanges all Originium Ingots for a random Collection.
  • Exchanges Hope.png for a random Collection.
  • Gives Water Boiler.png Water Boiler (+2 Objective HP, +1 Hope.png).

Operator recruitment and promotion

Operators in IS can be recruited by using the various recruitment tickets listed below.

Ticket Use
Caster Rec. Voucher.png Caster Rec. Voucher Recruits a Caster.
Defender Rec. Voucher.png Defender Rec. Voucher Recruits a Defender.
Guard Rec. Voucher.png Guard Rec. Voucher Recruits a Guard.
Medic Rec. Voucher.png Medic Rec. Voucher Recruits a Medic.
Sniper Rec. Voucher.png Sniper Rec. Voucher Recruits a Sniper.
Specialist Rec. Voucher.png Specialist Rec. Voucher Recruits a Specialist.
Supporter Rec. Voucher.png Supporter Rec. Voucher Recruits a Supporter.
Vanguard Rec. Voucher.png Vanguard Rec. Voucher Recruits a Vanguard.
Elite Caster Rec. Voucher.png Elite Caster Rec. Voucher Recruits a Caster, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Defender Rec. Voucher.png Elite Defender Rec. Voucher Recruits a Defender, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Guard Rec. Voucher.png Elite Guard Rec. Voucher Recruits a Guard, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Medic Rec. Voucher.png Elite Medic Rec. Voucher Recruits a Medic, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Sniper Rec. Voucher.png Elite Sniper Rec. Voucher Recruits a Sniper, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Specialist Rec. Voucher.png Elite Specialist Rec. Voucher Recruits a Specialist, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Supporter Rec. Voucher.png Elite Supporter Rec. Voucher Recruits a Supporter, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Elite Vanguard Rec. Voucher.png Elite Vanguard Rec. Voucher Recruits a Vanguard, one 4★ of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.
Assault Co-op Rec. Voucher.png Assault Co-op Rec. Voucher Recruits a Guard or Vanguard.
Fortification Co-op Rec. Voucher.png Fortification Co-op Rec. Voucher Recruits a Defender or Supporter.
Ranged Co-op Rec. Voucher.png Ranged Co-op Rec. Voucher Recruits a Medic or Sniper.
Sabotage Co-op Rec. Voucher.png Sabotage Co-op Rec. Voucher Recruits a Caster or Specialist.
Frontline Corps Rec. Voucher.png Frontline Corps Rec. Voucher Recruits a Defender, Guard, Specialist or Vanguard.
Backline Corps Rec. Voucher.png Backline Corps Rec. Voucher Recruits a Caster, Medic, Sniper, or Supporter.
HR Dispatch Letter.png HR Dispatch Letter Recruits any 5★ or lower Operator.
Elite HR Dispatch Letter.png Elite HR Dispatch Letter Recruits any Operator.
Special HR Dispatch Letter.png Special HR Dispatch Letter Recruits any Operator, one 4★ or higher of which is guaranteed to be a Temporary Recruitment one.

Initially the player have 2 regular Rec. Vouchers and 1 Elite Rec. Voucher of different classes, selected at random, and can obtain more by clearing IS operations, from certain non-operation nodes, or buying them with Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot at Cunning Merchants.

Each recruitment ticket gives the player an opportunity to pick one Operator to be added into their IS roster, or promoting Operators already added to the roster. Only Operators in the player's roster and IS-exclusive Operators (see below) that can be recruited through regular Rec. Vouchers; Operators not present in the player's roster are available through Elite Rec. Vouchers (but only as Temporary Recruitment ones, see below).

Do note that the level, potential, and skill level of the Operators in IS will match with that in the player's own roster (e.g. if the player have SilverAsh at Elite 1 Level 60, their SilverAsh in IS will be at the same level and unable to use Truesilver Slash even when promoted; conversely, if the player have Exusiai at Elite 2 Level 50, their Exusiai in IS will be at Elite 1 Level 80 when recruited and will reach the same level and can use Overloading Mode once promoted); newly recruited Operators will be in at most Elite 1 maximum level with the skill level of 7 when recruited, and 4★ or above Elite 2 Operators will reach their highest level (and skill Mastery training, if one had done so) when promoted. Therefore, don't neglect on building non-core Operators (especially low-rarity ones) because they can (and will) be useful in a pinch during IS runs!

Recruiting/promoting Operators cost Hope; initially the player starts with Hope.png, and can gain more by leveling up, from certain Chance Meetings, or through certain Collections, with the costs being:

Rarity Recruit Promote
6★ Hope.png Hope.png
5★ Hope.png Hope.png
4★ Hope.png Hope.png
3★ or lower Free

The following upgrade tickets can be used to promote Operators without spending Hope.

Ticket Use
Combustible Building Mats..png Combustible Building Mats. Promotes any 5★ or lower Operator for free.
Elite Logistics Rations Voucher.png Elite Logistics Rations Voucher Promotes an Operator for free.

Occasionally, "Temporary Recruitment" Operators will be available for recruitment, which costs no Hope and starts at Elite 1 maximum level with their skills at Level 7 and maxed potential (except for IS-exclusive Operators, see below); they will be at Elite 2 maximum level and Mastery 3 for all skills when promoted, both of which applies regardless of whether or not the player have that Operator in their roster.


Each IS chapter consists of several "nodes" of varying types listed below which are randomly generated in each run, though some are fixed.

Node Description
Everyone has their weapons drawn. They're definitely not here to negotiate.
Emergency Operation
Some violence may well exceed your expectations, a very common occurrence.
An Operation with various handicaps, similar to that of Challenge Modes and Contingency Contract operations. Awards a Collection when cleared.
Treacherous Foe
Criminals, ruffians, and the damned... You're in trouble.
An Operation featuring IS-exclusive bosses. Awards a Rare Collection when cleared by killing the boss.
Cunning Merchant
Not an ally, or an enemy. Some people like to sit on the fence.
Spend Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot for recruitment tickets and Collections. See Cunning Merchant for more information.
Quiet, comfortable, and secluded from the world. It's time to take a break.
Choose one of three free rewards listed below.
  • Boost morale: Gains Hope.png.
  • Intensive training: Promotes an Operator for free.
  • Take a break: Gains 5 Objective HP.
  • Reorganize: Increases the squad size by 1.
Chance Meeting
New friends, old rivals...
A random event. The player can usually choose to leave, forfeiting the event's possible outcomes.
A little bit of help for your journey.
Gives a random, free Collection.
Leisure Entertainment
All work and no play makes even clever Operators become dull.
Spend Objective HP or Originium Ingots in various mini-games for a chance to gain Originium Ingots or Objective HP, and Collections.


The following are unique mechanisms for IS operations:

  • Initially the player can only include 6 Operators in their squad, which is increased by one at Level 6, 9, and 10 of the IS run, totaling of 9 Operators. The maximum possible amount of Operators that can be included in the squad is 13, which can be reached through certain Collections and Gathering Squad.
  • One particular operation can appear in the same or later Chapters, and in some cases, the enemy lineup may be different with each other.
  • The Life Point matches with the player's current Objective HP; any LP loss will deduct Objective HP as well. Therefore, watch out for bosses like the Rusthammer Warrior who will deduct a grand 30 LP if they managed to enter an Protection Objective!
    • Using Leader Squad and/or possessing Fragmentation Mine.png Fragmentation Mine and/or Self-Defense Handbook.png "Self-Defense Handbook" will give bonus Life Points in every IS operation that will not deduct Objective HP if they are lost.
  • Sometimes the player can encounter "bonus enemies" (currently Duck Lord and Gopnik) who will not reduce Life Points when they enter a Protection Objective but award a free Collection when killed.


There are eight Operators exclusive to IS.

All of the above Operators are always available as Temporary Recruitment ones, but their potential cannot be improved in any way. Unlike other Operators, IS-exclusive Operators have no base skills since they are only usable in the said mode.

The Reserve Operators are unique in which they can be recruited multiple times, allowing more than one of them to be deployed in an IS operation.


An example of the IS result screen with the run completed with the Dust of Dreams ending

When a run ends, the ending will be shown if the run is completed; if the run fails, the "You Failed" message is shown instead. The following message is also included:

Dr. (player name)
xx hrs xx min xx sec
yyyy/mm/dd hrs:min:sec
reached the final destination
/got lost in

In addition, the following will also be displayed:

  • A flavor text that varies depending on the run's outcome, after the above message.
  • A list of Collections the player have obtained during the run.
  • A list of Operators the player have recruited and promoted during the run.

Afterwards, another screen shows the player's final score based on their progression during the run:

  • Chapters cleared
  • Nodes entered
  • Operations (including Emergency Operations and Treacherous Foes) cleared
  • Emergency Operations cleared
  • Bosses killed
  • Collections obtained
  • Operators recruited