The Infected are marginalized by much of the Terrans

The Infected is a term for individuals (and to a lesser degree, other organisms) who have contracted Oripathy.


Generally, the Infected are shunned and discriminated against across Terra, leading many to become distrustful and bitter towards society. In some areas, Infected are not allowed to own land or property, or are not even considered citizens of the places they are born into. Columbia is one of the few places that still allows Infected to own land.

All Reunion members were Infected; by a Reunion member’s own account, they and several others were rounded up and shot, and was only able to survive by hiding beneath the bodies of the dead, a truly traumatic experience.

Chernobog was one of the places that saw the worst discrimination against Infected, with people even cheering as Infected were hunted down. This caused Chernobog to be the first place to fall in Reunion's conquest.

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