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Frozen Abandoned City
Hypothetical Target
Frozen Abandoned City map.png
An abandoned nomadic city hiding the well-organized Reunion guerrillas in the tundras of Ursus. Be prepared for the deathly chill, as that is your only hope for victory.
<Special Conditions> DP will not regenerate naturally.


Sanity icon.png Sanity 25 max. Unit Limit 10
Orundum icon.png Orundum ~365 max. Initial COST.png DP 50
EXP.png EXP 250 max. Life Points.png Life Points 10
LMD icon.png LMD 250 max. Enemy icon new.png Enemies 400
Static objects Originium Ice Crystal ×6

Terrain notes

The Active Originium effect increases ATK and ASPD by 50% and 50 respectively, deals 50 Pure damage every second, and lasts for 10000 seconds (~167 minutes).

Object notes

2 Originium Ice Crystals are initially present; 2 Originium Ice Crystals are spawned at 272 and 370 kills.


The drops are only relevant when Frozen Abandoned City is a Rotating Mission.

Frontline Battle Record.png


Normal Infused Glacial Originium Slug ×57, Infused Glacial Originium Slug α ×20, Oneiros ×14, Frostfang ×20, Guerrilla Hound ×24, Guerrilla Fighter ×61, Guerrilla Fighter Leader ×15, Guerrilla Sniper Leader ×4, Guerrilla Herald ×10, Guerrilla Herald Leader ×12, Yeti Operative ×76, Yeti Sniper ×14, Yeti Sniper Leader ×4, Yeti Caster ×9
Elite Guerrilla Shieldguard ×11, Guerrilla Shieldguard Leader ×1, Guerrilla Siegebreaker ×11, Guerrilla Siegebreaker Leader ×11, Yeti Icecleaver ×19, Yeti Icecleaver Leader ×2