This is a list of enemies.

List of enemies

Enemy Name Code Type
Acid Originium Slug sprite
Acid Originium Slug B4 Normal
Acid Originium Slug α sprite
Acid Originium Slug α B5 Normal
Agent sprite
Agent PA1 Elite
Agent Leader sprite
Agent Leader PA2 Elite
Airborne Soldier sprite
Airborne Soldier 02 Normal
Airborne Soldier Leader sprite
Airborne Soldier Leader 03 Normal
Armed Militant sprite
Armed Militant 31 Normal
Arts Guard sprite
Arts Guard 23 Normal
Arts Guard Leader sprite
Arts Guard Leader 24 Elite
Arts Master A1 sprite
Arts Master A1 D7 Normal
Arts Master A2 sprite
Arts Master A2 D8 Normal
Authorized Caster sprite
Authorized Caster P05 Normal
Authorized Caster Leader sprite
Authorized Caster Leader P06 Normal
Avenger sprite
Avenger 14 Normal
Big Adam sprite
Big Adam 12 Boss
Big Bob sprite
Big Bob 11 Boss
Big Ugly BU Boss
Bladed Fighter sprite
Bladed Fighter 25 Normal
Bladed Fighter Leader sprite
Bladed Fighter Leader 26 Normal
Bombtail sprite
Bombtail D5 Normal
Bombtail-G sprite
Bombtail-G D6 Normal
Brawler sprite
Brawler G13 Normal
Breaker sprite
Breaker 34 Normal
Breaker Leader sprite
Breaker Leader 35 Normal
Bulldozer sprite
Bulldozer G18 Elite
Bully sprite
Bully G17 Elite
Butcher sprite
Butcher 29 Normal
Caster sprite
Caster A3 Normal
Caster Leader sprite
Caster Leader A4 Normal
Cocktail Thrower sprite
Cocktail Thrower A9 Normal
Crossbowman sprite
Crossbowman A1 Normal
Crossbowman Leader sprite
Crossbowman Leader A2 Normal
Crownslayer sprite
Crownslayer CS Boss
Defender-4 sprite
Defender-4 D4 Normal
Defense Blaster 38 Elite
Defense Blaster Leader 39 Elite
Defense Crusher sprite
Defense Crusher 36 Elite
Defense Crusher Leader sprite
Defense Crusher Leader 37 Elite
Desperate Fanatic sprite
Desperate Fanatic G20 Elite
Dual Swordsman sprite
Dual Swordsman 04 Normal
Dual Swordsman Leader sprite
Dual Swordsman Leader 05 Normal
Duck Lord DLD Elite
Elite Brawler sprite
Elite Brawler G14 Normal
Elite Marksman sprite
Elite Marksman G16 Normal
Elite Sicilian sprite
Elite Sicilian G12 Normal
Heavy Defender Type-S sprite
Enraged Possessed Bonethrower P10 Elite
Enraged Possessed Leader sprite
Enraged Possessed Leader P8 Elite
Enraged Possessed Soldier sprite
Enraged Possessed Soldier P7 Elite
Enraged Possessed Thrower sprite
Enraged Possessed Thrower P9 Elite
Ergate sprite
Ergate PG1 Elite
Ergate Leader sprite
Ergate Leader PG2 Elite
Fanatic sprite
Fanatic G19 Elite
Faust sprite
Faust FA Boss
Firebomb Thrower sprite
Firebomb Thrower A10 Normal
Frost sprite
Frost D9 Normal
FrostNova FN (first encounter)
FNF (second encounter)
Frostfang sprite
Frostfang O4 Normal
Frozen Malice FZM Boss
Gopnik GPN Elite
Gravestone GST Boss
Greytail sprite
Greytail G21 Elite
Greytail Leader sprite
Greytail Leader G22 Elite
Guerilla Assault Fighter SP4 Elite
Guerilla Assault Fighter Leader SP5 Elite
Guerilla Fighter SI3 Normal
Guerilla Fighter Leader SI4 Normal
Guerilla Hound SI1 Normal
Guerilla Hound Pro SI2 Normal
Guerilla Messenger SI7 Normal
Guerilla Messenger Leader SI8 Normal
Guerilla Mortarman SP2 Elite
Guerilla Mortarman Leader SP3 Elite
Guerilla Sarkaz Caster SP8 Elite
Guerilla Sarkaz Caster Leader SP9 Elite
Guerilla Sarkaz Warrior SP6 Elite
Guerilla Sarkaz Warrior Leader SP7 Elite
Guerilla Shielder SP0 Elite
Guerilla Shielder Leader SP1 Elite
Guerilla Sniper SI5 Normal
Guerilla Sniper Leader SI6 Normal
Hateful Avenger sprite
Hateful Avenger 15 Elite
Heavy Defender sprite
Heavy Defender 08 Elite
Heavy Defender Leader sprite
Heavy Defender Leader 09 Elite
Heavy Defender Lieutenant sprite
Heavy Defender Lieutenant 10 Elite
Heavy Defender Type-N sprite
Heavy Defender Type-N P09 Elite
Heavy Defender Type-S sprite
Heavy Defender Type-S P10 Elite
Hound sprite
Hound O1 Normal
Hound Pro sprite
Hound Pro O2 Normal
Infantry sprite
Infantry P01 Normal
Infantry Leader sprite
Infantry Leader P02 Normal
Infused Glacial Originium Slug sprite
Infused Glacial Originium Slug B9 Normal
Infused Glacial Originium Slug α sprite
Infused Glacial Originium Slug α B10 Normal
Infused Originium Slug sprite
Infused Originium Slug B6 Normal
Infused Originium Slug α sprite
Infused Originium Slug α B7 Normal
Invisible Caster sprite
Invisible Caster C3 Normal
Invisible Caster Leader sprite
Invisible Caster Leader C4 Normal
Invisible Crossbowman sprite
Invisible Crossbowman C1 Normal
Invisible Crossbowman Leader sprite
Invisible Crossbowman Leader C2 Normal
Jet Man JTM Boss
Junkman sprite
Junkman 21 Normal
Leithanien Chanter L6 Elite
Leithanien Rebel L1 Normal
Leithanien Rebel Leader L2 Normal
Leithanien Whisperer L5 Elite
Light-Armored Soldier sprite
Light-Armored Soldier 06 Normal
Light-Armored Soldier Leader sprite
Light-Armored Soldier Leader 07 Normal
Logger sprite
Logger 27 Normal
Lurker sprite
Lurker C0 Normal
Marksman sprite
Marksman G15 Normal
Master Wintergeist Blood Witch L8 Elite
Mephisto sprite
Mephisto MP Boss
Mercenary Sarkaz Caster TL2 Elite
Mercenary Sarkaz Warrior TL1 Elite
Metal Crab sprite
Metal Crab B8 Normal
Monster sprite
Monster D1 Normal
Monster Mk II sprite
Monster Mk II D2 Normal
Mortar Gunner sprite
Mortar Gunner A7 Normal
Mortar Gunner Leader sprite
Mortar Gunner Leader A8 Normal
Mudrock MR Boss
Mudrock's Colossus L13 Elite
Mudrock's Energy Thrower L9 Elite
Mudrock's Energy Thrower Leader L10 Elite
Mudrock's Practitioner L11 Elite
Mudrock's Practitioner Leader L12 Elite
Oneiros sprite
Oneiros D10 Normal
Originium Slug sprite
Originium Slug B1 Normal
Originium Slug α sprite
Originium Slug α B2 Normal
Originium Slug β sprite
Originium Slug β B3 Normal
Patriot sprite
Patriot PT Boss
Pompeii sprite
Pompeii UM1 Boss
Possessed Heavy Defender sprite
Possessed Heavy Defender P5 Normal
Possessed Heavy Defender Leader sprite
Possessed Heavy Defender Leader P6 Elite
Possessed Junkman sprite
Possessed Junkman P3 Normal
Possessed Soldier sprite
Possessed Soldier P1 Normal
Possessed Soldier Leader sprite
Possessed Soldier Leader P2 Normal
Possessed Veteran Junkman sprite
Possessed Veteran Junkman P4 Normal
Rabid Hound Pro sprite
Rabid Hound Pro O3 Normal
Raptor sprite
Raptor D3 Elite
Mouse King sprite
Rat King MK Boss
Razorfrost sprite
Razorfrost O5 Normal
Rioter sprite
Rioter 17 Normal
Rioter Leader sprite
Rioter Leader 18 Normal
Rockbreaker sprite
Rockbreaker PB1 Elite
Rockbreaker Leader sprite
Rockbreaker Leader PB2 Elite
Rusthammer Soldier RSH Boss
Sarkaz Artswordsman S15 Elite
Sarkaz Artswordsman Leader S16 Elite
Sarkaz Caster sprite
Sarkaz Caster S5 Elite
Sarkaz Caster Leader sprite
Sarkaz Caster Leader S6 Elite
Sarkaz Centurion sprite
Sarkaz Centurion SC Boss
Sarkaz Crossbowman sprite
Sarkaz Crossbowman S3 Normal
Sarkaz Crossbowman Leader sprite
Sarkaz Crossbowman Leader S4 Elite
Sarkaz Greatswordsman sprite
Sarkaz Greatswordsman S1 Normal
Sarkaz Greatswordsman Leader sprite
Sarkaz Greatswordsman Leader S2 Elite
Sarkaz Grudger S13 Elite
Sarkaz Hexer S14 Elite
Sarkaz Lancer S9 Normal
Sarkaz Lancer Leader S10 Normal
Sarkaz Sentinel S11 Normal
Sarkaz Sentinel Leader S12 Normal
Sarkaz Swordsman S7 Normal
Armed Militant sprite
Senior Armed Militant 31 Elite
Senior Caster sprite
Senior Caster A5 Elite
Senior Caster Leader sprite
Senior Caster Leader A6 Elite
Senior Sarkaz Swordsman S8 Normal
Shielded Guard sprite
Shielded Guard P07 Normal
Shielded Guard Leader sprite
Shielded Guard Leader P08 Normal
Shielded Senior Caster sprite
Shielded Senior Caster A7_1 Elite
Shielded Soldier sprite
Shielded Soldier 19 Normal
Shielded Soldier Leader sprite
Shielded Soldier Leader 20 Normal
Sicilian sprite
Sicilian G11 Normal
Skullshatterer sprite
Skullshatterer SS Boss
Sniper sprite
Sniper P03 Normal
Sniper Leader sprite
Sniper Leader P04 Elite
Soldier sprite
Soldier 01 Normal
Spec Ops Caster sprite
Spec Ops Caster AL1 Normal
Spec Ops Caster Leader sprite
Spec Ops Caster Leader AL2 Elite
Spec Ops Soldier sprite
Spec Ops Soldier 33 Normal
Talulah sprite
Talulah TA Boss
Technical Scout sprite
Technical Scout T1 Normal
The Forsaken FSK Boss
Tiakaw Champion T12 Elite
Tiakaw Destroyer T9 Elite
Tiakaw Destroyer Lord T10 Elite
Tiakaw Guard T2 Normal
Tiakaw High Warlock T8 Normal
Tiakaw Myrmidon T11 Elite
Tiakaw Ripper T6 Normal
Tiakaw Skirmisher T4 Normal
Tiakaw Spearman T3 Normal
Tiakaw Warfighter T5 Normal
Tiakaw Warlock T7 Normal
Technical Scout sprite
Tiakaw Warrior T1 Normal
Butcher sprite
Veteran Butcher 29 Elite
Veteran Junkman sprite
Veteran Junkman 22 Normal
Veteran Logger sprite
Veteran Logger 28 Elite
W sprite
W W Boss
Wandering Giant WDG Boss
Wintergeist Blood Witch L7 Elite
Wintergeist Hound L3 Normal
Wintergeist Hound Pro L4 Normal
Witchcraft Colossus L14 Elite
Wraith sprite
Wraith 13 Normal
Wraith Leader sprite
Wraith Leader 16 Normal
Yeti Caster sprite
Yeti Caster Y4 Normal
Yeti Caster Leader sprite
Yeti Caster Leader Y5 Elite
Yeti Icecleaver sprite
Yeti Icecleaver Y6 Elite
Yeti Icecleaver Leader sprite
Yeti Icecleaver Leader Y7 Elite
Yeti Operative sprite
Yeti Operative Y1 Normal
Yeti Sniper sprite
Yeti Sniper Y2 Normal
Yeti Sniper Leader sprite
Yeti Sniper Leader Y3 Normal

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