• Kuroyukihime21

    Character Stats Bar

    August 12, 2020 by Kuroyukihime21

    After exploring some wikia or fandom, I found a good template without using javascript. It called, Character Stats Bar. Thanks to Counter Strike Online's Staff, who designed the Character Stats Bar Template.

    So, I tweak some code there and put this on my blog. For example, I pick all stats from Hellagur E1 Max on Character Stats Bar to view the result of.

    If you're like this template, please add this template on your wiki and customize this template with your own style. :)

    This template on beta version. Maybe this template get a bug or malfunction. Please contact me if you found the bug... :3

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  • Kuroyukihime21

    This is testing a formula page.

    I pick a sample from Kroos's Skill where the description "Double Tap - Auto Lv 7" skill written is "The next attack shoots 2 in a row, dealing 140% of ATK in physical damage with each shot"

    So, let's begin

    1. Formula for "Double Tap - Auto" only:

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  • Kuroyukihime21

    Because "Enemy List" page are protected. So, I created the list stats of Arknights enemy - detail version in my blog...

    -> Note: this not completed list... I will updating from this wiki and github...

    -> Note for Editor: You can copy this and post on Arknights Wiki...

    Here the detail list:

    Mass Level
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  • Kuroyukihime21

    Here the banner list of headhunting (TW server):

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  • Kuroyukihime21

    Here the list release date of Arknights (All Server)

    CN : May 2019 -> Publisher & Developer: Hypergryph; Publisher only: BiliBili.

    EN, JP, KR : January 2020 -> Publisher: Yostar

    TW : 30 June 2020 -> Publisher: Long Chen

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  • Kuroyukihime21

    I hope the Admin of Arknights Wiki read this, because Legacy Wiki (MediaWiki old version) not in use anymore and get step to back up all content (include CSS and JS costum) if the migration get issue like import content only transfer 90%...

    Why? Fandom will migrate All Wiki (Except created wiki at 11 March 2020 above) with Mediawiki Old version (Legacy Wiki) to Mediawiki New Version it called UCP - Unified Community Platform.

    What's change? You can read here. Rip classic editor...

    About migration you can read here.

    About Bug & Issue from UCP Feature, you can read here.

    About UCP, you can read here.

    Okay, that's all... I hope you like this UCP....

    If you have a problem about UCP, you can visit Community Central

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  • Kuroyukihime21

    Hello there... After banned a few account incident from EN server... I want to warn you before that to prevent the incident appear again...

    So, to the point:

    1. Don't post your homescreen Arknights to any social platform (Facebook, Weibo, Bilibili, Twitter, Wikia, etc)
    2. If you want to post your homescreen at any social platform with any your reason, please hide your UID (like #????), ID Number, LMD, and Orundum Prime.
    3. Don't post your inventory and operator with detailed list to any social platform.
    4. Don't post your setting -> account.

    That's all...

    PS: for who already share operator list and what server you play there in Arknight Wikia... Please, delete that (For delete History Edit like Log Edit in your profile, please inform to Administr…

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  • Necor


    March 20, 2020 by Necor

    My first self created Operator, a bat.


    Screecha (XXXX)

    ★★★★★ Tags

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