The edit policy, combined with the Manual of Style, outlines a standard of clean, consistent formatting for articles in the Arknights wiki.


  • The Arknights wiki highly recommend editors to use the source editor over the classic editor and visual editor.
  • When introducing the article, upon first mention of the article name, please bold the text.
  • When a name of an operator, enemy, facility, faction, etc. appears in the article body upon first mention, enclose them with brackets.
    • The same goes for templates used in the article: if a name appears to have its own article, make it a link.
  • The wiki favors major edits over minor edits.
    • Edit the entire page instead of editing section by section (keeps formatting).
    • It is okay to make a mistake afterward, but do not add new information after having just published the edit.
  • The wiki follows all proper naming conventions regarding capitalization. Do not capitalize anything after the first word in categories unless they are titles or organization names.
    • [[Category:Character files]] and NOT [[Category:Character Files]].
    • Exceptions: [[Category:Blue Poison]], [[Category:Rhodes Island]].


  • Use correct punctuation. This includes commas, periods, quotation marks, and apostrophes.
  • Every skill page consisting of descriptions for skill effects, talent effects, etc. must end with a period.
    • Exceptions: (e.g. DEF +50) - although generally preferred with a period.
  • Capitalize the first word of every sentence.
  • Capitalize proper nouns.
  • Capitalize the first word in titles.
  • Do not capitalize titles like "operator", "caster" or similar except when used to write operator archive files.
  • Capitalize the names of skills, talents, materials, etc. as according to the game.
  • Do not capitalize statistics (e.g. health, defense).
    • Exceptions: acronyms (e.g. ATK, DEF) and statistic tables.


You can create links to articles in several ways.

Link to Syntax Syntax example Display
Article in this wiki [[Article_name]]
[[Blue Poison]]
[[Blue Poison|Blue Poison the Sniper]]
Blue Poison
Blue Poison the Sniper
Article on wikipedia [[wikipedia:Article_name|Display_name]] [[wikipedia:Arknights|Arknights]] Arknights
External website [Website_address Description] [ Arknights Official] Arknights Official

This wiki offers templates that enhance the appearance and functionality of some links. Currently these templates are available for links to articles and sections about operators, enemies, and materials.

Link to Syntax + example Display
Operator {{c|Operator_name}}
Amiya icon
Enemy {{e|Enemy_name}}
Crownslayer sprite
Material {{i|Drill Battle Record}}
{{i|Drill Battle Record}}
Drill Battle Record
{{i|Drill Battle Record|gridview=false}}
{{i|Drill Battle Record|gridview=false}}
Drill Battle Record Drill Battle Record
  • Avoid linking to Wikipedia articles for unncessary information (e.g. "frog" to a Wikipedia article on "frog" as the word is commonly understood).
    • Exceptions: pages that may be of interest and not common knowledge.
  • Avoid linking unnecessary punctuation. Words next to a bracket ]] will be included in the link.
Correct: [[Operator]] is
Correct: [[Operator]]s
Incorrect: [[Operator ]]is
Incorrect: [[Operator|Operators]]
  • Avoid linking unnecessary capitalization. Every page on the wiki is, by default, capitalized with the first letter but can be referenced in lowercase.
Correct: [[Operator]]
Correct: [[operator]]
Incorrect: [[operator|Operator]]
Incorrect: [[Operator|operator]]


Pages in this wiki are organized into categories. Categories are groups of wiki pages organized in a hierarchical way. Each wiki page is assigned to the most specific category available. Most new articles fit into existing categories. When you create a new article or add a new file to the wiki, assign it to a category. If you are not sure about what category to use, look for similar articles or files.

Every page must have at least one category. The order of categories for a page must be from most apparent to least apparent. The following are rules for pages:

* - This wiki's policy for categorization does not follow the general conventions/rules of categorizing characters into the Category:Characters or enemies into the Category:Enemies even when they inclusively are characters or enemies. So, please do not try to add them in those larger categories, they are meant to break categorization down.

Please refrain from creating a new category. If you feel there is a need for a new category, contact either the administrators and or content moderators. If there is already a category created by the administrator, content moderator, or even a bot controlled by an administrator, do not go ahead and erase its contents and create a new category.

See CategoryTree to see the list of all categories available on the wiki.


Templates in this wiki are supposed to be used and created when necessary. The below are templates that should be used in certain pages.

  • Main
  1. {{Character info}}
  2. {{Characters}}
  • File
  1. {{Character file}}
  • Stats
  1. {{Character stats}}
  2. {{Character evolution}}
  • Skills
  1. {{Character range}}
  2. {{Skill head}}, {{Skill cell}}, {{Skill end}}
  3. {{Skill upgrade head}}, {{Skill upgrade cell}}, {{Table end}}
  4. {{Skill inf}}
  5. {{Talent}}
  • Dialogue
  1. {{Character dialogue}}
  • Gallery
  1. {{Character gallery}}
  • Main
  1. {{Enemy info}}
  2. {{Enemy stats}}
  3. {{Enemies}}
  • Main
  1. {{Operation info}}
  2. {{Operation guide}}
  3. {{Operations}}
  • Story
  1. {{Story head}}, {{Story cell}}, {{Table end}}

There are other templates that can be of use.

  • {{Main}} - should be used to reference a main article when the section discloses brief information.
  • {{Reflist}} - should be used when an article has references.
  • {{Quote}} - should be used to introduce the article using the official Arknights description or a character's quote.
  • {{Tip}} - should be used on a text that might need a definion.
  • {{Currency}} - should be used to display Arknights currency icons on the wiki regarding purchases, etc.
  • {{OB}} - should be used to link to an operation page.
  • Avoid creating or editing templates. If you think there should be something added, changed, or deleted, please create a talk page on that template or contact an administrator or content moderator.
    • Templates will be protected if this policy is not followed.
  • Labels on infobox templates should not be links.
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